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Clients: White House Textile project (India)

Sewage Treatment Plant for Garment Manufacturing Unit
Alpac incorporates submerged aerobic fIlter (SAF) for sewage treatment


White House, an export orientated garment stitching unit chose Alpac to install a sewage treatment facility. Erratic flows from the factory required a robust and resilient treatment process. Alpac incorporating its submerged aerobic filter (SAF) process to treat the wastewater emanating from washrooms, kitchens and the canteen.


The treatment process comprises of screening followed by equalization and secondary biological SAF treatment process to treat 5000-6000 IGPD of wastewater flow. Treated wastewater is reused for gardening purposes within the factory. Sludge is dewatered in sludge drying beds.



BOD 300 – 350 mg/L
COD 550 – 600 mg/L
TSS 250 – 300 mg/L
O & G 20 – 30 mg/L
BOD < 30 mg/L
COD < 100 mg/L
TSS < 100 mg/L
O & G < 5 mg/L

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